Courses offered at DOT Islamabad

Specialized Training Programme

  • Training for Other Customs Administrations STP-02
  • Mandatory Course for Clearing Agents for Renewal of Customs Agents Licenses STP-03
  • Mandatory Course for Shipping Agents for Renewal of Shipping Agents Licenses STP-04

Customs Related Courses

  • WeBOC for Asistant Collectors & Above CUS-01
  • WeBOC for Principal Appraisers, AOs & Equivalent CUS-02
  • WeBOC for POs/IPSs/SPSs/SPOs CUS-03
  • WeBOC for Bank Officials/AGPR/Accounts Officials CUS-04
  • WeBOC for Shipping Agents (User End) CUS-05
  • WeBOC for Clearing Agents  (User End) CUS-06
  • WeBOC for Business Community (User End) CUS-07
  • Customs Valuation CUS-08
  • Post Clearance Audit CUS-09
  • Risk Management System CUS-10
  • Revised Kyoto Convention CUS-11
  • Rules of Origin CUS-12
  • Free Trade Agreements/Preferential Trade Agreements CUS-13
  • WCO Framework of Standards CUS-14
  • Intellectual Property Rights CUS-15
  • Integrated Cargo/Container Control (IC-3) CUS-16
  • Customs Examination CUS-17
  • Customs Intelligence & Investigation CUS-18
  • Refresher Course for Airport Customs Officers CUS-19
  • Basic Training for Newly Promoted Preventive Officers CUS-20
  • Refresher Course for Sepoys/Havaldar CUS-21
  • Adjudication  CUS-22
  • HS Code/ Classification CUS-23
  • GFR Budgeting and Auditing CUS-24 

Sales Tax and Income Tax Courses

  • Value Added Tax (VAT)  & Practices ST-01
  • Automated Systems of Sales Tax ST-02
  • Duty and Tax Remission for Exports (DTRE)  ST-03                 
  • Income Tax Concepts, Laws, Rules and Filing of Returns ITAX-01

Management Courses

  • Capacity Building Program for BS-20  MGT-01     
  • Capacity Building Program for BS-19  MGT-02     
  • Capacity Building Program for BS-17 & 18 MGT-03     
  • Interactive Change Management MGT-04     
  • Project Management MGT-05    
  • Management and Leadership Skills MGT-06
  • Human Resoure Management & Development MGT-07
  • Time Management MGT-08
  • Communication and Presentations Skills MGT-09
  • Conflict Management and Negotiation Skills MGT-10

Information Technology & General Courses

  • Secretarial Skills in Office Automation IT-01
  • Data Analysis Through MS-Excel & SPSS IT-02
  • Electronic Document Correspondence (E-Dox) IT-03
  • Special Seminars & Workshops GEN-01
  • Office Procedures for Personnel Assistants/ Ministerial Staff GEN-02
  • Service Laws, Conduct of Inquiries & Managing Disciplinary Proceedings GEN-03
  • Money Laundering in Relation with Tax Evasion GEN-04

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