Member HRM’s Message

dr-iqbalMr. Mian Saeed Iqbal, Member HRM

Technology and economy are the two symbiotic partners in today's world. In the post industrial economy human resource outstrips physical resource in importance. Gone are the days when human resource management (HRM) took a back seat in strategic management. Today fortunes in the private as well public spheres of an economy are decided by the quality of its human resource.

Revenue collection is the bedrock of a country's fiscal and economic policy. This places Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) at the heart of Pakistan's socio-economic development. Pakistan Customs has an added distinction of being the guardian of country's economic frontiers. Directorate General of Training & Research (DGTR) (Customs) is the premier Human Resource organ of Pakistan Customs, tasked with development of technical as well as managerial personnel of our customs formations.

With ever increasing virtualization of knowledge, there was a pressing need for a universal, and online, access to Pakistan Customs' human resource facilities and infrastructure. It gives me immense pleasure to congratulate DGTR (Customs) upon the launching of its website, which caters to its internal, external as well as lateral stakeholders like FBR employees, other wings/ departments of FBR, trade and industry, Ministry of Commerce, SBP, and the Finance Division. This will go a long way to ensure FBRs ultimate objective of optimization of tax collection with taxpayers' facilitation. Kudos and my best wishes for DGTR (Customs) and its Director General and all officers/ officials of DGTR (Customs).

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