Introduction to Directorate General of Training & Research, Customs

Historically, all training activities of the Pakistan Customs department are handled by the Directorate General of Training & Research (Customs). At the time of independence, there was a Customs Training School, at Takia Gowandi near Wagha Border, Lahore. After 1965, Financial Services Academy (FSA) was set up at Walton, Lahore. As a result of the 1973 Administrative Reforms, the FSA became Civil Services Academy and a Directorate of Inspection and Training was established at Karachi. Later on, an independent Directorate of Training was established in 1981 at Karachi and another one at Lahore, in 2000. The Directorate General of Training & Research was established at Islamabad, in 1997.

Thus, DGTR, in one form or the other, has been relentlessly designing and delivering training courses for the employees of the Customs& Sales Tax & Federal Excise department for over 60 years. DGTR has been supporting FBR in its initiatives of capacity-building of its employees. In addition, DGTR has been working closely with other stakeholders, private sector organizations, and trade bodies for conducting tax and trade related seminars and workshops.

The role of DGTR is to support the FBR’s field formations to become more efficient, focused and dynamic through extensive professional training and capacity building of their workforce. DGTR strives to help the field formations of the FBR to achieve the expectations of all the stakeholders through learning and human resource development of the workforce.

 Message of Mohammad Jehanzeb Khan, Chairman, FBR

It gives me enormous pleasure to say that the Directorate General of Training & Research (Customs), Karachi is making its efforts for imparting quality training to Pakistan Customs officers. The Directorate General of 'Training & Research (Customs), Karachi provides all the opportunities and atmosphere for Pakistan Customs officers to unfold their hidden potential and capabilities in order to emerge as enlightened officers and gentlemen of the Pakistan Customs Service. Read More

Message of Mian Saeed Iqbal, Member HRM   Message of Dr. Jawwad Uwais Agha, Member (Customs-Operation)


Technology and economy are the two symbiotic partners in today's world. In the post industrial economy human resource outstrips physical resource in importance.Read More

Mr. Muhammad Zahid

It gives me immense pleasure to forward this special message to the people who are associated with the Directorate General of Training & Research (Customs) Read More

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