The library in the Directorate General was established from the very beginning and has substantial number books on variety of subjects. The main emphasis is on the acquisition of professional books, relevant to Customs practices, international trade and law. Currently, computers and internet facilities are also available in the library, especially for the trainee officers

DGTR has fully air-conditioned specialized library on Administration and Development, It has approximately 40,000 books, on Public Administration, Management, Economics, Islam and Computer Sciences. Large number of Government publications, Reports and Professional Journals are also included in its collection. The specialty of library is current information about various subjects in the form of computerized indexing of Newspaper articles and professional Journals. More than 26000 articles are present in our database from 1991 on more than 80 subjects. Internet facility is available. Computerization of the library is underway. The Library is headed by a professional Research Librarian and assisted by professional staff.

Salient Collections

  • Religious Books
  • Periodical Literature
  • Newspapers
  • Budget Documents
  • Government Publications

The books and reports issued by various agencies of the federal government, periodically or occasionally, have been organized in the separate section. Being the sources containing primary and official data or view point on different socioeconomic aspects, these books are extensively consulted by the SBP researchers, statisticians and executives as well as the outsiders including bankers, university students, journalists and free lancers visiting the library in connection with their reference & research work. The library has almost complete archive of renowned government publications including:

United Nations Publications

The library has a historical collection of regular publications issued by different organs of the United Nations including the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organization, UNCTAD, WTO, WCO, ESCAP, FAO, etc. Besides a large number of research reports, analyses, surveys, staff papers, working papers, etc. issued by these agencies under different programmes, the library has complete and updated records of the following periodic publications of these bodies.


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