Old Custom House Building

The building where this Directorate is presently situated was in fact Custom House till 1989. Brief history of this building is that on 17th February, 1902 the finance and commerce Department of the Bombay residency allocated piece of land to the customs and Port Authority for the construction of permanent offices. A plan for construction of joint building was designed by Mr. G. Willet, Consulting architect to the Government of Bombay.

It was to be semi-circular building made in the Victorian tradition. It was decided by Port authorities in 1908 that the KPT offices would be located in the left hand side of the building. The construction of joint KPT-Customs building commenced in 1912and was completed in 1914-15. The total cost upon completion, came to US $ 57,338/-. The first meeting of the board of Port Trustees and Customs was held in the newly constructed premises on 12th January, 1916. Since then it was used by the Customs Department till it shifted to new Custom House. The Directorate occupied the building in 1989. At that time it was deplorable condition. However, the task of renovation was taken a challenge and now it gives a pleasant impression. It houses Auditorium, Seminar Hall, and Class Rooms, Computer Labs and one Specious Library and number of offices. Work of renovation is still under progress and the whole building will be modernized without changing its antique look.

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