PerveenShakir, a renowned poetess of the contemporary Urdu literature, was a distinguished officer of Pakistan Customs. Even sixteen years after her tragic demise in a road accident, the fragrance (khushboo) of her unforgettable verses pervades the minds and hearts of readers of all generations in such ever-increasing intensity that ‘Khushboo’ has become another name for ‘PerveenShakir’. The Directorate General has endeavoured to revive the khushboo by dedicating a corner of its library as ‘Kunj-e-Khushboo, a niche adorned by her photographs, verses in painting, and her works recited by famous vocalists and singers. The Directorate General is grateful to Mrs. PerveenQadir Agha, a life-long friend of the poetess, and the founder of the PerveenShakir Trust, who provided the core assets for the creation of ‘Kunj-e-Khushboo. Her contribution and love’s labourare deeply acknowledged.

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